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Outlives Everything

Outlives Everything

 Incredible Performance and Efficiency

Incredible Performance and Efficiency

Indomitable Powerhouse
Made in India
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Unsurpassed performance teamed with the best in power and reliability is what you’ve been looking for, you need not look any further. Addo’s performance and quality can handle any requirement that a market demands.

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Addo is a decade old brand created with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. Addo has proved its mettle in the market and has created a mark in the Sealed maintenance free battery segment.

With a huge range from 35ah to 215ah batteries across JIS and DIN series, applications range from all light to heavy motor vehicles.

Addo is a power house that delivers unmatched performance

Commitment, reliability and quality is what you get from Addo


Our batteries are contrived with C21 alloy technology with double-clad separation – high reliability and life expectancy. The product is manufactured using positive plates with grid cast technology and negative plates with expanded grid technology to secure consistency and low corrosion. It is also equipped with advanced grid design and positive plate hybrid grid casting. 

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  • 10+

    Countries where Addo is sold

  • 150K+

    Units are sold every year

  • 10+

    Years of brand strength

  • 50+

    LMV and HMV battery variants

  • 1000+

    Strong team for research and production

  • 50+

    Stringent quality check points

  • 1000+

    Sellers worldwide


ADDO Platinum is the one-stop destination for light motor vehicle batteries and heavy motor vehicle batteries in automotive battery segment. It has an invulnerable, conducive and concrete design which is certified through 11-step quality control process, including work monitoring, charge/discharge testing, material testing and product testing.


High performance and innovation are assured with each of Addo platinum's range of batteries. Every product is specially designed to fulfill high demands and provide reliable high performance. Addo provides the best technologies that a market demands.

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