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Heavy Motor Vehicle Battery


Heavy-duty vehicles require high wielding batteries and Addo’s heavy vehicle batteries are the most durable, high-performance products with a higher lifespan even in extreme conditions. One always gets assurance on stable performance in extreme temperatures, high vibrations and deep cycling use with Addo batteries. Addo’s heavy vehicle batteries are made with innovation and endurance delivered always.


  • Thicker grid plates made with expanded grid cast technology.
  • Hydrometer inbuilt to provide easy access to the status and health of the battery
  • Thicker strap to handle high vibrations and prevent electricity resistance.
  • Spill-resistant characteristics prevent acid leakage.
  • Flame arrestor prevents external flame and sparks to cause explosions.
  • Polypropylene case provides high-quality packing and is lightweight.
  • Exclusive gas separator lets the battery breathe during temperature change and prevents loss of electrolytes.
Heavy motor vehicle batteries Features

Maintenance Tips

To keep your heavy motor vehicles running smoothly and efficiently, it is important to care of its battery. So, here are a few maintenance tips for your battery.

  • Heavy motor vehicles travel long distances, to keep your batteries properly functioning, regularly check the battery case for external physical damage.
  • It is also important to regularly check the battery electrolyte to see that it properly covering the battery plate to avoid overheating.
  • When dealing with a sealed maintenance free battery, regularly check the state of charge indicator. This gives you a snapshot of the battery’s condition.
  • Apply a thin coating of high-temperature grease to posts and cable connections for added protection.
Heavy motor vehicle batteries Maintenance Tips


Addo batteries are made with the latest technology and with innovations in every stage of the product. It is the market leader due to its impressive properties.

  • Maximum power for any requirements such as loading and unloading
  • Can meet any requirement made by electrical loads and end-of-frame mounting systems
  • Excellent starting performance
  • Maintenance free
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Spill protection
  • Build to handle any level of cyclic strain
  • Ultra reliable and cost efficient
Heavy motor vehicle batteries Advantages


Having the right Heavy Motor Vehicle Battery for your vehicle means that the handling is improved and made simpler. Moreover, you also get extended shelf and service life. Performance and reliability are assured with Addo Heavy Motor Vehicle Batteries – no matter what use you need it for, it will deliver exceptional results. It has high resistance to vibration and is maintenance free. Our batteries can be used to perform some of the toughest jobs on varied terrains.

Heavy motor vehicle batteries Application

Technical Guide & Safety Tips

Proper maintenance tips and safety guidelines are important to handle the battery with care and avoid any health hazard. So here are a few safety guidelines to protect yourself before handling the battery.

  • Do not alter the shape or the packing of the battery to prevent any acid leakage or contamination.
  • Always keep the battery in an isolated environment away from heat more than 52 degree Celsius.
  • Make sure the clamps are tight enough to hold the batteries stable in the designated position.
  • Do not overcharge the batteries.
  • Keep the hoses and connection points clean to ensure healthy current flow.
  • Check the status of the battery once in every two weeks or before going for a long trip.
Heavy motor vehicle batteries Technical Guide & Safety Tips

Battery Testing Procedure

To provide high performance over a longer period of time with complete reliability, every battery made goes through an exhaustive quality-controlled testing process in 11 steps. Unless a battery passes these 11 steps, it is not passed further. These quality check come under the following sections.

Visual Check

  • Check the container, cover, and terminals. If there is physical damage, reject the battery
  • Check the Indicator (If the battery has the indicator). Always look right down when viewing the indicator on the battery to dislodge any air bubbles.

Voltage Check

  • If OCV is below 12.4V, recharge the battery immediately.

Discharge/Load Test

  • Connect the battery tester to battery terminal
  • Measure the temperature of the battery. Set the battery tester ampere values for ½ of the CCA rating
  • Apply the load for 15 seconds and res the voltage
  • Compare measures values with the values in table 2
  • If the values are outside of the table values, recharge the battery and test again. If the battery fails the load test twice, replace it.
  • Sometimes, electronic testers such as MIDTRONICS, SNAPON etc. are used instead of load tester. Electronic testers are only suitable for batteries that have been in use of a certain time. They cannot rate the performance of new or unused batteries. For this reason, we recommend the test defined in global standards to confirm rated specifications.


Resting Voltage Table

Temperature Standard Battery(Resting Volts) Remarks on Resting Volts
100% 12.60-12.75 -
95% 12.60-12.70 -
90% 12.60-12.65 Resting voltage for standard auto battery
85% 12.6% Resting voltage for standard auto battery
80% 12.50-12.55 Do not allow the battery to get discharge at this point
75% 12.5 Minimum resting voltage for a charged battery
70% 12.45 Anything below this is poorly charged
65% 12.4 Give freshening charge at this point
60% 12.35 -
55% 12.3 -
50% 12.25 Never discharge the battery at this point
45% 12.2 -
40% 12.15-12.20 -
25% 12.10-12.15 Low voltage,do not conduct load test
20% 11.80-12.00 Cells get effected at this point

Load Chart

Electrolyte Temperature Fahrenheit Electrolyte Temperature Celsius Minimum Voltage Under Load
100 37.8 9.9
90 32.2 9.8
80 26.7 9.7
70 21.1 9.6
60 15.6 9.5
50 10.0 9.4
40 4.4 9.3
30 -1.1 9.1
20 -6.7 8.9
10 -12.2 8.7
0 -17.8 8.5

Constant Current Charge Condition

OCV 31-40AH 41-50AH 51-60AH 61-70AH 71-80AH 81-90AH 91-100AH 101-110AH
12.4-12.49V 4X3 5X3 6X3 7X3 8X3 9X3 10X3 11X3
12.3-12.39V 4X5 5X5 6X5 7X5 8X5 9X5 10X5 11X5
12.2-12.29V 4X7 5X7 6X7 7X7 8X7 9X7 10X7 11X7
12.1-12.19V 4X8 5X8 6X8 7X8 8X8 9X8 10X8 11X8
12.0-12.09V 4X10 5X10 6X10 7X10 8X10 9X10 10X10 11X10
Below 11.9V 4X13 5X13 6X13 7X13 8X13 9X13 10X13 11X13

Battery Charging Procedure

Heavy Motor Vehicle Battery is made to handle rough terrains, heavy cycling, high power demands around-the-clock use and to ensure all of these Addo batteries go through a series of tests meant to approximate amperes and hours in need of Battery Charge, and constant current charge. The table given below summarizes approximate amperes and hours in need of charge.

  Wet low maintenance (SB/CA) or wet standard (SB/SB) battery Wet "Maintenance free" (ca/ca)
  Specific gravity Open circuit voltage reading Open circuit voltage reading
Degree Celsius 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% 100% 75% 50% 25% 0% 100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
48.9 1.249 1.209 1.174 1.139 1.104 12.663 12.463 12.253 12.073 11.903 12.813 12.613 12.413 12.013 11.813
43.3 1.253 1.213 1.178 1.143 1.108 12.661 12.461 12.251 12.071 11.901 12.811 12.611 12.411 12.011 11.811
37.8 1.257 1.217 1.182 1.147 1.112 12.658 12.458 12.248 12.068 11.898 12.808 12.608 12.408 12.008 11.808
32.2 1.261 1.221 1.186 1.151 1.116 12.655 12.455 12.245 12.065 11.895 12.805 12.605 12.405 12.005 11.805
26.7 1.265 1.225 1.19 1.155 1.12 12.65 12.45 12.24 12.06 11.89 12.8 12.6 12.4 12 11.8
21.1 1.269 1.229 1.194 1.159 1.124 12.643 12.443 12.233 12.053 11.883 12.793 12.593 12.393 11.993 11.793
15.6 1.273 1.233 1.198 1.163 1.128 12.344 12.434 12.224 12.044 11.874 12.784 12.584 12.384 11.984 11.784
10 1.277 12.37 1.202 1.1767 1.132 12.622 12.422 12.212 12.032 11.862 12.772 12.572 12.372 11.972 11.772
4.4 1.281 1.241 1.206 1.171 1.136 12.606 12.406 12.196 12.016 11.846 12.756 12.556 12.356 11.956 11.756

Structure and Characteristics

Addo batteries are designed keeping in mind every detail and aspect of performance and safety in mind. The batteries are specifically designed to be flame resistant and have minimized lever action movement caused by road shocks increasing the stability of battery structure.

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addo platinum heavy vehicle battery
1How Battery Works

The battery is the main component of a cars power system and when the battery receives the “ON” signal, the ignition is turned on, the battery releases stored chemical energy as electricity which then cranks the engine.

2How To Jump Start A Vehicle

  • Connect the positive terminals of jump-starting and stalled-car batteries to each other.
  • Do the same with negative terminals.
  • After starting, remove cables in reverse order starting from connection to the car frame.
  • After starting remove cables in reverse order.
  • If the vehicle does not start within 30seconds, call an auto electrician.

3Battery Definitions

Understanding what various commonly used terms related to components and the working of the battery constitutes battery definition. It will help you take better care of your battery and understand maintenance terms.

4Battery Handling

Due to various hazards that can be caused by components of the battery, it is extremely important to handle the battery only with utmost caution. So, here are a few tips to help you take precaution against hazards:

  • Be extremely careful while handling battery acid.
  • If the electrolyte is to be prepared always add concentrated acid to water, never the other way around.
  • Always shield your eyes when working with batteries.

5Battery Recycling

It is important that the battery is properly disposed of and doesn’t fall into wrong hands due to the presence of lead, a component that becomes hazardous without proper handling. So here are a few battery recycling tips.

  • Handel used batteries with care
  • Get your used batteries recycled by authorized smelters.
  • Do not throw used batteries out in the open or dump them with other chemicals.


Addo Heavy Motor Vehicle Battery is made to handle rough terrains, heavy cycling, high power demands around-the-clock-. No matter what use, Addo Batteries deliver exceptional results every time.

Heavy Motor Vehicle Models & Specification

Battery Standard: JIS (Japan Industrial Standard)


S. No. JIS model no. Amp@C20 Rating Dimensions L x W x H (mm) CCA SAE /EN1 Reserve capacity (Minutes) Weight with acid (KG) Layout Terminal Indicator
1 MF120 120 505x182x240 680 228 34 4 T2 No
2 HMF150 150 508x222x257 785 285 41.9 4 T2 Yes
3 145G51R 150 238x129x227 785 294 39.5 4 T2 Yes
4 N170 170 512x212x240 810 290 44.6 4 T2 Yes
5 MF 190 190 508x222x240 845 300 48 4 T1 No
6 HMF200 200 521x278x270 950 421 56.7 4 T1 No
7 MF200Z 215 521x278x242 1010 380 32 4 T1 No


Heavy Motor Vehicle Models & Specification

Battery Standard: DIN (Deutche Industrie Normung)


S. No. DIN model no. Amp@C20 Rating Dimensions L x W x H (mm) CCA SAE /EN1 Reserve capacity (Minutes) Weight with acid (KG) Layout Terminal Indicator
1 DIN 170 170 513x223x223 1000 340 44.6 0 T2 No


Maintenance Free

Factory charged ready to use, Spill-Proof, high-performance maintenance free batteries.

addo platinum heavy vechile maintenance free battrey


Addo platinum Heavy Motor Vehicle Battery is made to handle rough terrains, heavy cycling, high power demands around-the-clock-. No matter what use, Addo platinum batteries deliver exceptional results every time.


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addo platinum heavy vehicle battery test reports

Test reports & documentation

Quality control and testing are carried out at every interval. An exhaustive, 11-step quality control process, including work monitoring, and product testing, is used to eliminate the production of defective batteries. Take a look at our test reports and documentation for more details.

addo platinum heavy vehicle battery documentation
addo platinum heavy vehicle batteries


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