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The brand "Addo" has been developed through constant innovations along with accelerating performance. A huge range starting from 35 ah to 215 ah across JIS and DIN series are being offered to fullfill market needs. Application of Addo batteries ranges from all light to heavy motor vehicles. 


Addo Platinum batterues are designed to be extremely efficient and durable. It is equipped with instant start Flame Arrestor, Centered cast-on plate strap and High-quality grid which can resistant corrosion, overcharge and thermal runaway.  A well-established testing lab is developed for a series of visual checks, Voltage check and Discharge test to ensure outstanding performance to meet global standards.  Currently high quality maintenance free batteries are offered under the brand "Addo platinum".

Addo team is dedicated to customer service at every stage and is well equipped with a customer service team that is always available of the customer.

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Extraordinary Battery

We have designed an extraordinary battery for the market which relies on a high performing and reliable battery solution,  may it be private car owner who demands a high-quality battery for his or her admired transport or a commercial businessman who wants a strong and reliable battery with high longevity for his heavy motor vehicle. We have sourced best components to assure that these high-quality components are long-lasting and durable.


Quality Control Management

We have quality control management for batteries which include an exhaustive, 11-step quality control process, work monitoring, material testing, and product testing, used to exterminate the production of defective batteries. Our Sealed maintenance free batteries and dry charge batteries have a capacity range from 35 AH to 215 AH.

Maintenance Free Batteries

Addo Maintenance free batteries are built with advanced engineering and innovation to have features like Good charge acceptance, High Corrosive Resistance, High Cranking Power, and High Vibration Resistance. Maintenance-free batteries are designed to be Spill-Proof, factory charged ready to use and have higher performance/capacity.

  • We stringently follow international norms and standards.
  • Our batteries are designed for hot Conditions- very high ambient temperature and long life.
  • We meet stringent OEM standards of Global Giants.
  • They are designed to meet the following standards JIS, EN, SAE as applicable.
  • Our batteries are designed to suit, Bad road conditions, Old vehicle population, and abusive conditions.


  • Thicker cast high-performance plates
  • Specially Patented Alloy
  • Superior quality Separators
  • Safety Vents
  • Magic eye
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